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Main parts of the frame grabber

You can't see all of the ICs because there is the memory extension card above !

U1 KTS KDN-010 30.0000MHz - 30.0000MHz oscillator (optionnal).
U2 74HC4040 - 12-bit binary counter (PIXEL clock 1 - optionnal).
U3 LM1881 - Video sync separator.
U4 74LS245 - Octal bus transceiver, 3-state outputs.
U5 74HC245 - Octal bus transceiver, 3-state outputs.
U6 74HC373 - Octal Bus D-type transparent latch, 3-state outputs.
U7 74LS157 - Quadruple 2-line-to-1line data selector/multiplexer.
U8 TC551001BPL70 -Toshiba 8-bit static-random-access memory, 128Ko, 70ns access time.
U9 74HC590 - 8-bit binary counter with register (compteur X - pixel)).
U10 CD4040 - 12-bit binary counter (compteur Y - line)).
U11 74HC541 - Octal buffer with 3-state outputs.
U12 CD4093 - Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger. (RAZline)
U13 74HCT132 - Philips quad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger (PIXEL clock 2).
U14 7805 - Fixed 5v linear regulator with dissipator ! (consumption around 350mA).
U15 TDA7808A - Philips video analog input interface. (8-bit video ADC 32MHz sampling rate max).
U16 74HC590 - 8-bit binary counter with register (compteur X - pixel)).
J1 Sub-D connector - connected to the ISA bus card.
J2 SCART connector - connected to a TVset to see the sampled video signal.
RCA connector - Composit video input signal - CCD camera, VCR, TV...
Filter - Optional color sub-carrier trap -(4.7uH+27pF) // with D1 - values for SECAM - improve the quality of grayscale samples with color signals.
Chebyshev - Filter oder 5, adapted CHEBYSHEV (see the TDA7808A Datasheet p17).
SW1 - Switch used to freeze the image on the TV monitor.
R-2R network resistor - used as a basic and cheap 8-bits DAC.
Driver - 4 NPN transistors used to drive the SCART (Red, Green, Blue and Sync line).
RV1 - 10Kohms trimpot used to adjust the delay before the start of the sampling in the SRAM (vertical adjustement).
RV2 - 4.7Kohms trimpot used to adjust the sampling frequency.
Condo - C24 470uF/25v electrolytic capacitor : don't forget the ten 100nF capacitors to minimize the input-noise coupling.

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